Crowd Scriptwriting

Bonuses being paid in next three days!

Crowd Scriptwriting on Amazon mTurk is going incredibly well. There has been a lot of perfect rescript submissions, as well as some creative ones that I can definitely use to make the movie better the the book.

Everyone is getting paid $7.25 if they follow the guideline, and use the suggested work time effectively. Some people are doing a little extra, and I am making sure they get compensated for extra time spent if their work is useful.

I encourage you to gauge your own comfort level with creative submissions. If you know you can make the scene better, please go for it, and I will get you compensated fairly. If you have trouble imagining new scenes, then focus on making your submissions as close to the original text as possible. Just make sure it is in the new format.

Best wishes for the new year. Happy mTurking!

PS: Thank you, Leonardo, for writing such a magnanimous review of Knuts in the Woodwork on my Kindle Book Page. I am doing all this for readers like you. Whether such a reader is supportive of non-binary identities, or they actually are one themselves, I cherish such kind words, and heartfelt esteem.

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