Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Thank you Turkers for your market data. It appears as though I need to resubmit this survey with some changes, as some of the data diverges. This is due to some ambiguous questions on my part. Additionally, I need to setup qualifications for a non-binary sample as most survey takers were comfortable with their own binary gender identity, and this site is directed toward a more inclusive audience.

Don’t be discouraged. There are some parts of the data collected that is useful when determining general non-gender specific issues such as overall approvl of presentation and product awareness. I will use this data in any way that I can. After I have updated the products for general concerns, then I will release another survey to the mTurkers possibly next month.

Additionally, there is currently a HIT posted in Amazon mTurk for rescripting the Knuts in the Woodwork series for the animated movie. The target bonus schedule coincides with federal minimum wage ($7.25/hour) which is about twice the amount that mTurkers are currently making on average. Everyone is working very hard, and I have a few mTurkers who are exceptional, and getting paid 4x the expected bonuses for truly exceptional work.

If you have any interest n making some extra money, please consider my Crowd Screenwriting HIT on mTurk. It is currently 26% complete, so there is plenty to room to get in, now, while the HITs are hot!

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